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Impact Certificates

Preserve Mangroves. Empower Communities. 


Philippines ranks 15th most mangrove-rich countries in the world according to the global mangrove forests distribution, and one of the countries with diverse seagrass species. Mangrove ecosystems are valuable and provide many ecosystem services such as effective carbon storage for climate mitigation. Studies show four to five times higher carbon sequestration of mangroves compared to terrestrial forest. This is why there is a need to push for its protection to conserve the last remaining blue carbon ecosystems in the country.

Together with 
Oceanus Conservation, we focus on the conservation and restoration of blue carbon habitats in the Philippines through adapting multidisciplinary scientific approach and current research methods to tackle environmental issues for the benefit of the Filipino people. As we find effective solutions for the conservation of our marine resources, we also give respect to the local communities on their values.

We will present initial results at the UN COP27 in Egypt.

Dynamic Mangrove NFTs

We designed dynamic Mangrove NFTs that will display the overall health of the ecosystem by leveraging the underlying data

We leverage satellite data to connect our Impact NFTs with real-world changes. The water level of the Mangrove NFT changes depending on the health of the overall ecosystem. We measure health through a variety of factors such as biodiversity, forest canopy, forest growth and NDVI.

Donors to Gainforest will receive this unique non-fungible impact certificate. GainForest uses the low-energy proof-of-stake cryptocurrency platform Solana to verify the NFTrees it issues. A single transaction on Solana uses 0.00051 kWh of energy, the equivalent of a single Google search.